_Takepayments – New Starter


1. Takepayments – login

Length: 2 minutesComplexity: Easy

The take payments login screen looks like this. Your username is your AlcoDigital email and your password can be reset after your initial login. Your first password will be autogenerated.

2. Takepayments – Homepage quick links

Length: 3 minutesComplexity: Easy

This is the homepage once you have logged into Takepayments. The two most useful links are highlighted on the left hand side. They are ‘Transaction By Card Details’ and ‘PayByLink Admin’ Transaction by card details is used when a customer is happy to give their card information to you over…

3. Takepayments – Transaction By Card Details

This is the Transaction By Card Details page. In the ‘Order Details’ section make sure you put the TOTAL (including VAT) amount the customer is required to pay. In the ‘Order Details’ section in the box marked ‘Order Description’ put the RC invoice number that has been generated by Romancart….

4. Takepayments – PayByLink Admin

  This is the PayByLink Admin page. Ensure from the drop down menu highlighted that you have the correct purchase area selected. This should be┬ábreathalyzer.co.uk Then click ‘Add New’ which brings up the window below.   Select ‘Payment link’ Enter the TOTAL amount (Including VAT) from the Romancart Invoice. Put…