Approved Drug Testing Officer with the Drager DrugTest 5000

Drager-Drugtest5000This course is designed to ensure that those operating Drug Testing Equipment do so in accordance with manufacturer approved procedures, industry best practice and within any relevant legal constraints. The course is quality controlled by means of an assessment test completed at the end of the coursework and practical demonstrations. Upon completion, the participant must be able to competently demonstrate knowledge of practice of drug and/or alcohol sampling and report production. Test results will be provided to the client company to enable them to demonstrate the competence of the individuals concerned should questions of competence be raised following industrial or court proceedings.

Approved Testing Operatives must work under the supervision of a Certified Officer. The Certified Officer does not have to be present during normal testing, however must be available should technical or procedural problems occur, or in the case of a drug test, a positive test is demonstrated. Approved Operators are NOT qualified to carry out laboratory confirmation testing (for Drugs) nor chain of custody procedures; if such procedures are required a Certified Officer should be contacted to carry them out. They are not required to attend an onsite practical course but will:-

    • Complete a standard pre-study CBT course to a satisfactory standard
    • Attend an equipment demonstration by a Certified Impairment Testing Officer who has been trained by a Draeger Authorised Trainer
    • Complete the final assessment test with a pass mark of 80% or greater.

Course content includes:

    • Testing methods – oral vs. blood/hair/urine and establishing the most suitable test method for the situation
    • Signs & symptoms of drugs of impairment
    • Cut-off limits with respect to positive/negative test results
    • Legal Constraints & implications
    • Operation of the Draeger Drugtest 5000 System

The practical demonstration (and the follow-up assessment) will cover only equipment relevant to their own company testing environment and can only be carried out by an AlcoDigital or Draeger Certified Impairment Officer qualified to demonstrate that specific equipment.


1: Course Introduction & FAQ

Length: 5 minutesComplexity: Easy

Welcome! This first lesson is an introduction to what the course is all about, how long it will take and some common questions people ask when starting the course.  At the end is a video introducing the concept of Substance Abuse Diagnostics that will give you an overview of the problems...

2: Drugs of Impairment – the three classes

In order to understand the operation of the drug analyser – and to be able to confidently answer questions from people you are testing, it is important to have a basic understanding of the different types of drugs and the effects they have on the user. Everybody ingests ‘drugs’ on a…

3: Drug types – Sedatives

Length: 0 minutes

Sedatives cause a physiological slowing of the bodies responses by modulating the bodies nervous system, and can be used to produce a calming effect to aid anxiety or sleep issues. They come in various forms with alcohol being the most common and widely used legally sedating drug. Misuse of sedatives can lead…

4: Drug types – Stimulants

Length: 0 minutes

Stimulants such as Amphetamines or Cocaine provide the user with an enhanced state of alertness, speeding up physiological processes within the body by stimulating the central and nervous systems. Over-use can lead to lack of appetite and problems sleeping; high doses can cause increased blood pressure and heart rate, leading to…

5: Drug types – Hallucinogenics

The third type of drug that causes impairment are classed as the hallucinogenics.  They are, by and large, very powerful drugs but because of this they are usually taken in infinitesimally small amounts – small squares of paper that a person simply licks can induce dramatic levels of impairment. Because these substances…

6: Prescribed Drugs

Drug Screening is not just about illegal substances – impairment caused by the use of prescriptive drugs by the workforce is an issue that cannot be ignored. Prescription drugs contain a wide range of substances from the drug groups we’ve just reviewed, and whilst given to the user by a medical practitioner…

7: Methods of DrugTesting

There are various different ways to screen a person for drugs, depending on what information it is that you are looking to find. For pre-employment screening, then Hair Sampling is a suitable choice as it gives historical data on exactly what a person has consumed.  It is however highly invasive…

8: Why Oral Fluid?

Of  the various different methods that can be used to detect drugs of abuse, in an employment scenario the key issue is current impairment rather than historical drug use.  Therefore oral fluid collection is now almost universally accepted as the most suitable ‘on-the-spot’ indicator of impairment. The main reasons for testing…

9: Introduction to the Draeger DrugTest 5000 Screening System

Length: 20 minutesComplexity: Easy

Having established the types of drugs that we are looking to screen for, it’s now time to introduce you to the equipment you will be using to perform the task. The Draeger DrugTest 5000 was launched in 2008 and passed Home Office Approval for use by UK Police in 2012….

10: The Draeger DrugTest 5000 – Equipment, Storage & Maintenance

Length: 0 minutesComplexity: Easy

The Draeger DrugTest 5000 Analyser Runs on Lithium battery, and/or charged by mains. Battery needs to be fully charged as often as possible. Keep charged at all times apart from performing a test. Requires servicing every 12 months OR 500 tests Can be configured to work with Data Entry Can…

11: The DrugTest 5000 Test Cassette

The standard 6-panel test cassette is configured to screen a person for the drugs of impairment that fall within the 6 drug types that cause impairment. The specific drug types are found on the packet itself, along with lot numbers, expiry dates and storage instructions and we will look at each of the details…

12: Sample Collection Requirements

In order to collect an oral fluid sample correctly, there are 3 main items that MUST be observed by the donor: No eating, drinking or smoking for 10 minutes prior to testing to ensure no risk of contamination Collection device should be moved actively around the mouth for at least…

13: Operating the DrugTest 5000 Analyser

Once the collection process has been completed successfully and the indicator on the test kit has turned blue, it is time to start the analysis. With the Analyser either powered by internal battery or plugged into mains power, simply press and hold the green ‘OK’ button on the Analyser for…

14: Data Entry & How to print

If your DrugTest 5000 is enabled for Data Entry, you will need to ensure the keyboard is connected prior to starting analysis of the test kit. To input the details of the person being screened, firstly you will need to connect the data-entry keyboard to the analyser via the PS2…

15: Menu System

Complexity: Easy

The Draeger DrugTest 5000 has an internal menu system to enable you to access previous test results and check the status of calibration details. To access this menu, the device needs to be switched on and displaying the ‘Ready for Measurement’ screen.  Pressing the left blue button (indicated as ‘Menu’ on…

16: Screening for Cannabis (THC)

Cannabis (THC) is known by a variety of names such as skunk, weed, hash, smoke – and comes in an array of forms including leaf, resin (hashish) or oil – all of which contain Tetra-hydrocannabinol (THC) – one of the elements that causes impairment when consumed. Because of the variety of…

17: Drug Cut-off levels

When a person is screened for Drugs of Impairment using the DrugTest 5000, the analyser is not producing a measurement of the actual amount of the drug consumed, it is simply looking to see if the sample contains a level of the drug above a certain cut-off point. As the quantity of the drugs consumed…

18: Surface Testing

Length: 0 minutes

Using the Drugtest 5000 Analyser for surface or substance screening. The DrugTest 5000 can also be used to test a suspicious substance that has been found in someone’s possession and for surface testing – for instance in a locker, bag or other surface where it is believed drugs may have been stored…

Summary & Assessment

Length: 40 minutesComplexity: Standard

That’s it!   You have been taken through an introduction to Substance Abuse Diagnostics using the Draeger 5000 Analysis system.  By now you should be familiar with the major drug groups, their effects upon the user and the issues surrounding their use. You should understand the prerequisites that must be…