Approved Lab Confirmation Kit Collection Officer

Saliva Lab confirmation kit

This course is designed to remind those that have previously attended a face to face demonstration on the Chain of custody procedure.

Because it is a follow up test to positive results on a screening device collecting officers can go months without needing to do a chain of custody test. For that reason it is important to refresh your memory on how to take the sample and send it to the lab.

You will only be able to complete this course after completing the Approved Drug testing officer course.


Before starting the Lab confirmation test

Length: 0 minutes

So you have had a positive on your screening test, now it's time to do a Lab test in order to confirm the results of the screening test. Be Timely The chain of custody procedure is a follow-up test to a positive result on a saliva screening device. It needs...

What do you need?

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You will need the following items to be able to complete the Chain of Custody procedure; The Confirmation Kit Procedure Guide book The Step by Step checklist At least 2 Chain of Custody, un-opened and in date test kits. A copy of a sample completed chain of custody form The…

Previous Medication

Some medications may cause positive results on the screening tests, this is one of the reasons you are performing a lab test. You will be required to write on the chain of custody form any medication the donor has taken in the last 14 days. Tell the donor that medication…

Chain of Custody booklet

  You should have this booklet with you before taking a sample. It includes information regarding noting down the medication they may have taken, which we just covered, as well as a donor information sheet. There is a section in the step by step guide, that must be followed, which…

The Step by step guide

The Step by step checklist must be followed meticulously. Each step is important as to not break the chain of custody. Missing a step could cause the test to be invalid and the lab may not test it. Once you are ready to begin the steps you will want to…

The Steps

This assessment is tested differently to the others. You now want to complete the Chain of Custody procedure exactly as you would during a test. You will be the donor and the collecting officer. The scenario; You have received a positive result in the screening procedure. It has show a…