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No matter how good or sophisticated the equipment that is used for the Diagnostics process, unless it can be established that the operators of such equipment are fully trained and conversant with the equipment and techniques required then the results can easily be undermined.

Designed to combine the best of both traditional instructor-led classwork with the convenience and cost savings of online learning, the AlcoDigital Online Academy offers a highly effective method of ensuring you are proficient and confidant in the process of collecting and reporting drug and alcohol samples – ideal for those looking for alternatives to the limitations of classroom training.

How to start

Simply click the login button above, enter your username (same as your email address) and the password that was mailed to you.  You’ll be taken to the first screen and you’ll see a button marked “My Courses” – click this button and all the courses on which you are currently enrolled will be displayed.


We hope you find the AlcoDigital Academy easy to use, informative and useful; if you’d like to let us have any feedback please email training@alcodigital.co.uk – it is always useful to hear our students’ point of view!