Refresher training

Already trained with us and in need of a refresher?

Choose from our range of online courses or classroom based training for when you need to freshen up your drug and alcohol knowledge and testing skills.

If you have received training from us in the past, you’ll notice that your certificate expires after 12 months. There’s a good reason for this – as we can’t witness you using the testing equipment and we don’t know how frequently you have used it since the training, we can’ confidently back up your competency for longer than 12 months.

However, you may know that you or your staff are fully competent and don’t need much further training; in this case our online courses are perfect. Receive a short refresher on all the key points of your testing equipment and remind yourself of the operating procedure. After a short assessment, you’ll receive a new competency certificate with another 12 months on it.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to use your testing equipment much, or have been trained in the past but never got round to buying equipment, then attending one of our classroom based courses is the best option. We continue to update our Workplace Training Courses with new laws and regulations, recommendations from the industry and the latest testing equipment.

Online courses available:

Draeger Alcotest 5510 breathalyser

Draeger Alcotest 6820 breathalyser

Drager Alcotest 7510 breathalyser

DrugCheck 3000 saliva drug test kits

Drugtest 5000 digital analyser

Coming soon – AlcoDigital EON and AlcoSaber


Online courses – £35 per person, access for 12 months

On-Site Drug & Alcohol Training – £1,500 for two half days or four 2 hour course, £850 for half a day (either one full training on alcohol and drug equipment, or two 2 hour courses on one product)

Drug and Alcohol Training Courses

Full day – £179 (alcohol and drug testing), half day – £99 (alcohol testing or drug testing).

To book a course with our trainers, contact them on 0208 454 7372 or email