Hosted Webinar Training

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused tremendous disruption across the UK, yet the need for alcohol and drug testing in the workplace has never been more prevalent.

Our hosted webinar training sessions, delivered on Zoom, are based on our award-winning workplace testing training days and cover everything you need to know about implementing drug and alcohol testing in the workplace.

The course is presented over 3 sessions and is suitable for all levels of staff.  Practical equipment demonstrations run alongside product-specific training.  Certification is provided upon successful completion of the final online assessment.

  • CPD accredited training course
  • Available on a weekly basis
  • From £79 + VAT
Course Benefits

What can be gained from this training course?

  • 3-7 hours towards your CPD (module-dependent)
  • The knowledge and practical skills to competently enforce your workplace drug and alcohol policy.
  • Tailored advice for your organisation’s workplace drug and alcohol policy and recommendations from our experienced trainers.
Course Content


Alcohol awareness

  • Alcohol processing and tolerance
  • Blood alcohol vs. breath alcohol levels
  • Impairment

Workplace Alcohol Policies

  • Alcohol limits
  • Relevant laws and regulations
  • When to test for alcohol

Alcohol testing

  • Best practice procedures
  • Alcohol testing equipment


Methods of drug testing

  • Pros and cons of saliva, urine and hair testing
  • Windows of detection
  • Signs & symptoms of use

Effects of drugs

  • Sedatives, stimulants and hallucinogenics
  • Prescribed medications

Drug testing legislation

  • Drug Drive laws & limits
  • How to implement testing within your company


Oral Fluid Screening Kits

  • Low cost screening
  • Police-grade testing
  • Best practice procedures
  • Practical demonstrations

Laboratory Chain of Custody

  • Best practice procedure
  • Practical assessment
Attendee Testimonials
Steve Williams
Truck UK
The AlcoDigital training course that we attended has provided us with a wealth of knowledge and understanding that enables us to confidently implement drug and alcohol policy and procedures that make the workplace a safer place.
Adam Dobbin
TSCO Project Manager  - Virtus Traffic Management Solutions
I attended the AlcoDigital training in Nottingham on the 31st October 2019. I found the training very well organised and very informative, the full day was very relaxed and interactive, I found myself asking lots of questions and making notes. I realised that there was so much I didn’t know or understand about substance abuse, the testing procedure and Chain of Custody procedure was complicated but very well explained, Kieren was very patient in allowing me to go over the procedures until I understood and was a little more confident. The follow up email I received from Kieren Casey, was full of information and very useful and will assist me with my future abuse testing at work. I feel that to have AlcoDigital always available to give advice and assistance in the future is a great advantage to our company.
Carrie Drummond
Informative and engaging training providing the best practice and advice to implement or improve your drug and alcohol monitoring in the workplace.
Graham Grieves
Owner  - Drug and Alcohol Testing
Fantastic company to work with, nothing is too much trouble. The training courses are excellent and presented in a very professional manner with a little humour added in. The products supplied are excellent and very easy to use. A very well organised and professional company supplying first class equipment and advice.
Erwin Lotsch
Great course for us to get an introduction about Alcohol and Drug testing in the workplace.
Paul Smithson
AlcoDigital provided a good and informative training course, which left me confident to carry out drug and alcohol testing in the work place.
David Emmerson
Provost Transport Consulting Limited
I have known AlcoDigital since 2016 and I have been on 2 training courses with them, both very informative and with lots of constructive advice. Kieren Casey who instructed the course was very knowledgeable about his subject matter and forthcoming with advice and ideas as was his predecessor. I am sure that AlcoDigital will be of great help to me as my business grows.
Jez Thompson
This Drugs & Alcohol Testing course, which was run by Kieren and Claire, was very engaging, informative and genuinely interesting. I was a complete novice regarding these subjects before, and now I feel I have enough knowledge to include in my Tool Box Talks as Compliance and H&S Manager here at Capital Traffic Management. I definitely recommend attending this course and adding another string to your bow.
Sarah Speksnyder
Operations Manager  - enitial
Excellent training course with a course leader that has a great level of knowledge and experience, providing very honest information.
Christopher Muzzall
AlcoDigital are a great company to undertake training with.  The training was informative and an overall great experience.  It will be useful for PSV Solutions Ltd to be able to offer drug and drug testing in the workplace for its customers.  I highly recommend them for your training requirements in this field.
Deborah Caspi
If you need to test your staff for Drugs or Alcohol, this is a very informative and enjoyable day to equip you with everything you need to get started.
Greg Scott
We have a 7510 breathalyser and DrugTest 5000.  Both are easy to use and make our Drug and Alcohol policy easy to apply.  AlcoDigital (in particular Suzannah) are always there with help and advice should you require it.
The training standards and expertise are of a very high standard.  I have attended both classroom and online training courses with Alcodigital and would highly recommend booking them for your drink & drug training requirements.
Michelle Binns
Great introduction to Drug and Alcohol Testing in the Workplace, it kept me interested throughout. I am looking forward to learning more.
Elizabeth Aganbi
SHEQ  - Brent Council
The drug and alcohol testing course is very informative and to the point.
Hassan Ahmed
Group Claims/Risk Manager  - Kelly Communications
Great training provided by knowledgeable and experienced trainers. It was a relaxed environment and the content was very insightful and thought provoking. Thank you for coming to us and delivering the training.  
Who should attend?
Our courses are suitable for all levels of staff. Typically, we train Health & Safety Officers, Occupational Health Workers, Transport Managers, Fleet Managers, HR Managers, Operations Managers, SHEQ & QEHS Coordinators, Company Directors and other staff performing roles involving health, safety and well being.

The course will suit you if you are at any of the following stages:

  • No current alcohol and drug policy but looking to introduce one
  • Current policy but want to review it and introduce drug & alcohol testing
  • Unsure whether you want to implement in-house testing or out-source to an external drug & alcohol testing service
  • Already do in-house alcohol and/or drug testing but want to review current procedure and equipment
  • Already use alcohol and drug testing equipment but only require training for a couple of people
  • You are/want to be a provider of alcohol and drug testing services

It is always recommended that you review your current drug and alcohol policy and procedures on a regular basis.

If you are in the early stages of introducing a policy, you will receive up-to-date information on legislation and the best steps to apply alcohol and drug testing.  If you are in the latter stages, then you can review your current policy and ensure you are complying with best practice procedures.

How to book

Our hosted webinar training sessions are available to book online. We usually host them on a weekly basis.

Click here to see our current planned schedule of courses.

If you can’t find a date to suit you or you would like to speak to us about an exclusive group booking for your company or organisation, please call us on 0208 454 7372.